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Fanuc Robot Teach Pendant A05B-2255-C102#EMH

Fanuc Robot Teach Pendant A05B-2255-C102#EMH

Short Description:

FANUC is committed to leading and innovating in robotics technology. It is the only company in the world that uses robots to make robots, the only robot company in the world that provides integrated vision systems, and the only company in the world that provides both intelligent robots and intelligent machines. company. There are as many as 240 types of FANUC robot product series, with loads ranging from 0.5 kg to 1.35 tons. They are widely used in different production links such as assembly, handling, welding, casting, spraying, and palletizing to meet the different needs of customers.

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The teach pendant is the core component of the robot control system, a device used to register and store mechanical movements or process memory, which is executed by an electronic system or a computer system. Thanks to the wide application of robots in industrial production, the teach pendant is a frequently operated part in the robot control system, and it is easy to fall and cause failure due to heavy pressure, thus affecting the normal operation of the robot. In simple terms, the robot teach pendant is to let the robot walk according to the path controlled by the controller. It can also be said that the teach pendant is the steering wheel that controls the movement of the robot.
In response to the fast-changing and ever-increasing complexity requirements of modern industry, following flexible manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing, sophisticated production and concurrent engineering, robots are not only required to "tirelessly" perform simple repetitions in production cells for future industrial applications It can work, and can be integrated into the manufacturing system as a highly flexible, open and programmable, reconfigurable manufacturing unit with friendly human-computer interaction functions. The realization of this capability requires the overall progress of robot technology at this stage, and teaching technology is an important one. Robots are considered flexible automation devices because they can be programmed to perform different tasks. The programming of the robot task is realized by a certain device or method, and this process is the teaching process of the robot.

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Product Parameters

Brand: FANUC
Model: A05B-2255-C102#EMH
Product Features: Robot Teach Pendant
Origin: Japan

Power: 220 (KW)
Rated Voltage: 220 (V)
Speed Response Frequency: 154 (KHz)
Certification: CE, RoHS, UL

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